The proceedings of the IAUS334 “Rediscovering our Galaxy” will be published no more than 6 months after the celebration of the Symposium. IAU Symposium Proceedings are published in the IAU Proceedings’ Series by the IAU Publisher, Cambridge University Press (CUP). The registration fee includes the cost of the proceedings (online and printed versions, the latter upon request by email before June 22nd).

The editors are: C. Chiappini, I. Minchev, E. Starkenburg, M. Valentini.

Since contact editors have only three months from the symposium to submit their manuscript, we request that all manuscripts must be submitted by August 20, 2017. The manuscript has to be submitted using the CUP online submission system:
(please be careful and select the correct Symposium number from the drop-down menu on submission).

Review: 8
Invited talk: 6
Contributed talk: 4
Poster: 2

IAU instructions for authors can be found here and associated files for authors are available on this link. Since colour figures will be reproduced only in the electronic version, authors should make sure that their figures will reproduce as desired in black-and-white, and that there is no reference to colour in either text or captions.

All authors are also requested to complete the online IAU Copyright Form.