PDF of the talks

Monday 10th July

Ken Freeman – opening talk PDF

Section I: Tracers of the Oldest MW fossil records & Halo Assembly
John Norris (IR) “Very metal poor stars” PDF
Anirudh Chiti (CT)  “Detection of a population of carbon enhanced metal poor stars in the Sculptor dwarf galaxy” PDF
Haining Li (CT) “LAMOST-Subaru exploration of chemical relics of first stars” PDF
Bruno Dias (CT) “The GOTHAM survey: homogeneous chemical evolution of Milky Way globular clusters” PDF
Marcio Catelan (IR) “Ages for the oldest stars”
Amina Helmi (IR) “The Milky Way’s halo substructure and assembly history” PDF
Nitya Jacob Kallivayalil (CT) “Probing the Dark Halo of the Milky Way” PDF
Basilio Santiago (CT) “Unravelling the structure and stellar populations of the outer Milky Way Halo” PDF
Eduardo Balbinot (CT) “The devil is in the tails: the visibility of cold stellar streams” PDF
Emanuele Spitoni (CT) “The connection between the Galactic halo and ancient Dwarf Satellites” PDF
Sarah Martell (CT) “Rediscovering the origins of the stellar halo with chemical tagging” PDF
Anette Ferguson (CT) “Stellar Substructure in the Halos of the Milky Way and M31” PDF
Sangmo Tony Sohn (CT) “Constraining the formation and mass of the Milky Way Halo using Globular Cluster Orbits from HST Proper Motions” PDF
Kris Youakim (CT) “The Pristine survey: Searching for metal poor stars with narrow band photometry”  PDF
Section II : Disentangling mixed populations in the central regions of the MW
Dante Minniti (IR) “The innermost Galaxy as seen by VVV” PDF
Noriyuki Matsunaga (IR) “Large nscale infrared surveys of stellar populations in the inner Galaxy” PDF
 Tuesday 11th July
Lia Athanassoula (IR) “Chemodynamical models of bulge/bar formation and evolution” PDF
Ortwin Gerhard (IR) “Dynamical models for the barred Inner Galaxy from surveys” PDF
Nils Ryde (CT) “Detailed abundances of giants in the Inner Bulge and Galactic Centre” PDF
Thomas Bensby (CT) “The age and abundance structure of the central kpc of the Milky Way – clues from microlensed dwarf stars” PDF
Christopher Wegg (CT) “An accurate measurement of the IMF in the Inner Galaxy from
microlensing” PDF
Gabriele Cescutti (CT) “The oldest stars of the bulge: new information on the ancient Galaxy” PDF
Section III–Galactic disks – chemodynamical properties & models
Alejandra Recio-Blanco (IR) “Galactic Archaeology with the Gaia-ESO Survey” PDF
Jon Holtzman (IR) “Galactic Archaeology with APOGEE” PDF
Matthias Steinmetz (CT) “Galactic Archaeology with RAVE” PDF
Annie Robin (CT) “Kinematics of the local disc from RAVE survey and Gaia first data release” PDF
Chao Liu (IR) “Rediscovering the outskirt of our Galaxy with the LAMOST survey” PDF
Ly Duong (CT) “The GALAH survey: Properties of the Galactic thick disk and the inner galaxy” PDF
Laia Casamiquela (CT) “Chemical abundances of the Milky Way disk from the OCCASO survey” PDF
Rodolfo Smiljanic (CT) “Chemical tagging experiment with Gaia-ESO open clusters” PDF
Marie Martig (IR) “Chemodynamical models of the MW” PDF
Daisuke Kawata (CT) “Impacts of Radial Migration on the Galactic Thick and Thin Disks” PDF
Elena d’Onghia (CT) “New Perspectives on the chemical tagging in Gaia and APOGEE” PDF
Wednesday 12th July
Section IV–Towards Ages: Gaia DR1, Asteroseismology, and Precise abundances
Antonella Vallenari (IR) “Gaia/TGAS/DR1 and future Gaia Data Releases” PDF
Friedrich Anders (CT) “The APOGEE-TGAS red-giant sample: Precision chemo-dynamics in the extended solar vicinity” PDF
Edouard Bernard (CT) “Reconstructing the star formation history of the solar neighborhood with Gaia” PDF
Sven Buder (CT) “Rediscovering our solar neighborhood: Combining the GALAH
survey and Gaia DR1 for a chemo-dynamic study in a melting pot of astrometry, photometry, and
spectroscopy” PDF
Martin Smith (CT) “The Gaia-LAMOST Symbiosis probing the chemodynamical evolution of the solar neighbourhood” PDF
Arlette Noels (IR) “Ages for large samples of stars – caveats and uncertainties” PDF
Guy Davies (ICT) “Asteroseismology of RGs: from light curves to ages–prospects with Plato” PDF
Marica Valentini (CT) “Using asteroseismology and spectroscopy for obtaining detailed abundances: CoRoT-GES and RAVE-K2” PDF
Poul Erik Nissen (CT) “High precision abundances of elements in stars with asteroseismic ages” PDF
Jorge Melendez (CT) “Nucleosynthetic signatures unveiled by high precision abundances” PDF
Thursday 13 July
Section V: Stellar evolution models & Stellar yields
Georges Meynet (IR) “Massive Stars” PDF
John Lattanzio (IR) “Low and Intermediate mass stars” PDF
Achim Weiss (CT) “Using low mass stars as a tool: efforts towards precise models” PDF
Section VI : MW Potential and Disk Dynamics
James Binney (CT) “Tracking dark matter” PDF
Allyson Sheffield (CT) “New views from Galactoseismology: Rethinking the Galactic Disk-Halo Connection” PDF
Hans Walter Rix (IR) “The Galactic Potential” PDF
Alice Quillen (IR) “Non axisymmetries in the Milky Way disk” PDF
Lawrence Widrow (ICT) “Vertical oscillations in the Milky Way disk” PDF
Benoit Famaey (CT) “Distribution functions for resonantly trapped orbits in our Galaxy” PDF
Chervin Laporte (CT) “New views from galactoseismology: revised models of the impact of Sagittarius on the disc” PDF
Section VII: Cosmological Simulations of MW-like galaxies
Cecilia Scannapieco (IR) “Simulation of MW-like Galaxies in the cosmological context” PDF
Justin Read (ICT) “Cosmological Simulations MW & Dwarf Galaxies” PDF
Facundo Gomez (CT) “Warps and waves in the stellar discs of the Auriga cosmological simulations” PDF
Tobias Buck (CT) “NIHAO-UHD: Ultra High resolution cosmological simulations of Milky Way type galaxies and their surroundings” PDF
Kyle Oman (ICT)  “The APOSTLE Simulations” PDF
Andrew Wetzel (CT) “The Latte Project: Cosmological Simulations of Milky Way-like Galaxies and their Satellite Dwarf Galaxies” PDF
Sebastian Nuza (CT) “Gas accretion onto MW-like galaxies and the Local Group” PDF
Friday 14th July
Section IX:Future Outlook
Sofia Feltzing (IR) “Galactic Archaeology with 4MOST” PDF
Giusepina Battaglia (IR) “Galactic Archaeology with WEAVE” PDF
Michael Rich (IR) “Milky Way stellar populations as (to be) seen by LSST” PDF
Luca Pasquini (CT) “A New Spectroscopic Facility” PDF
Francoise Combes “Closing IAUS 334 and outlook” PDF