2nd Announcement

This is the second announcement of symposium IAUS 334 Rediscovering our Galaxy.

July 10-14, 2017, Potsdam, Germany. 


An updated program can be found here.

To register, visit https://iaus334.aip.de/registration/ (deadline extended to Dec 31, 2016).

Scientific Rationale: The field of Galactic Archaeology is quickly transforming. While there are many symposia organized each year on different sub-topics, we instead aim for one that keeps the big picture in mind: our developing understanding of the Milky Way as a complete system, including all tracers and all of its components. The topic of IAUS 334 is timely in that it coincides with a transformation in the field of Galactic Archaeology in the next couple of years due to the expected avalanche of data from new and ongoing spectroscopic and photometric surveys, Asteroseismology, and the first Gaia data releases. These big datasets will form an excellent playground on which to build the most refined models of our Galaxy. The Symposium will focus on what we have learned thus far and will put forward new directions in Galactic Archeology that will help fine-tune the observational strategies of the major Gaia follow-up spectroscopic surveys WEAVE and 4MOST.

A more detailed list of topics can be found at the Symposium website: https://iaus334.aip.de.

Approaching deadlines:

·      **Closing of registration: 31 Dec 2016**

·      **Abstract Submission deadline: 9 Jan 2017**

Further important dates:

·      IAU Travel grant application deadline: 1 March 2017

·      Early registration fee payment deadline: 15 March 2017

·      Late registration fee payment deadline: 15 May 2017

SOC: Cristina Chiappini (Chair), Ivan Minchev (Co-Chair), Else Starkenburg (Co-Chair), Beatriz Barbuy, Joss Bland-Hawthorn, Antony Brown, Raffaele Gratton, Vanessa Hill, Steven Majewski, Francesca Matteucci, Andrew McWilliam, Andrea Miglio, Julio Navarro, Birgitta Norström, Patricia  Whitelock, Rosemary Wyse, Gang Zhao, Manuela Zoccali

LOC: Marica Valentini (Chair), Friedrich Anders, Katrin Böhrs, Harry Enke, Janine Fohlmeister, Rainer Franke, Diana Johl, Kerstin Mork, Petra Nihsen, Christiane Rein, Kristin Riebe, Gabriele Schönherr, Antje Timmermann

Venue: The Symposium will take place at our historical site of Telegrafenberg (The Albert Einstein Science Park), Potsdam, Germany. This is a historic hill in Potsdam that once housed the main Prussian observatories. On this site, you can still find the 19th century refractor as well as the famed and architecturally revered “Einstein Tower” designed by E. Mendelsohn.

We are looking forward to having you in Potsdam in July!

Christina, Marica, Else, and Ivan